Mozzarella, tomato,and prosciutto frittata

For a bigger breakfast or brunch this is one of our favourite frittatas. I found this recipe in the Canadian Living site and have cooked it several times. You can check it out here. The original recipe calls for a walnut pesto, which I normally don't add, I find that the tomatoes, onions, cheese and prosciutto… Continue reading Mozzarella, tomato,and prosciutto frittata


Perfect moist and light banana bread

Bananas are very abundant in Brazil, all shapes, many different types, found everywhere, a fruit that is commonly taken for granted, as so there is an expression to describe it: "as cheap as bananas". You would think that banana bread would be a favorite there too but it is not. There are plenty of banana… Continue reading Perfect moist and light banana bread

Large Cinnamon roll

Baking is magic! And cinnamon buns are an ultimate indulgence! I had to bake something to bring for a reunion and decided it would be a good chance to make my ever favorite, my way. That means, a generous dough, lots of cinnamon but not too sweet and, very important, packed with raisins. For the… Continue reading Large Cinnamon roll

My ever glorious morning glory muffin

I found this recipe in an old issue of Canadian House & Garden magazine and since the first batch I baked, I could not stop thinking of these muffins every time I sip my coffee in a lazy and sunny Sunday morning. Or in any other day, actually. Perfection. The story behind is that this… Continue reading My ever glorious morning glory muffin

Oatmeal French breakfast muffins

Cold out, around -10C without the wind effect, sunny Sunday screaming for a lazy morning to get the day started: fresh coffee and steaming hot Oatmeal French Muffins with butter. Don't think I need to write anything else. They fill the bill for moist, healthy and carb conscious. Gotta go eat them! Oatmeal French Breakfast… Continue reading Oatmeal French breakfast muffins

Avocado and Maca (belly fat reducer!) shake for breakfast

Nothing like a quiet breakfast in a fall morning! It is when - although you enjoy eating your morning meal with your family - you take some time alone and enjoy it without any rush! We all like that but it does feel better if we do it in a healthy way, which is not… Continue reading Avocado and Maca (belly fat reducer!) shake for breakfast

Light, very light Eggs Benedict

Light, very light eggs Benedict I was never too fond of Eggs Benedict, I always found it too filling. I started ordering Eggs Florentine instead, which I like much better with the spinach, but the heavy hollandaise sauce was still there. These days, trying to control carbs and keeping track of fats, I came up… Continue reading Light, very light Eggs Benedict