Valentine’s broiled lobster tails

I am back and up! Humm, actually not really... Got home after our wonderful winter get away, happy to see our gang (dog, cat and daughter, no wait... daughter, dog and cat) and get back to cooking and blogging right away but got under the weather. It seems my body was holding on, fighting the… Continue reading Valentine’s broiled lobster tails


Chicken pot pie with a puffy crust

This is the best puffy crust chicken pot pie ever! I got this recipe many years ago from the Food Network, they said it was provided by professional chefs and had been scaled down from a bulk recipe provided by a restaurant. They hadn't tested it nor mentioned any credits. I've been improving it over… Continue reading Chicken pot pie with a puffy crust

Cajun sea food vol-au-vents

Who can resist to sea food vol au vents? The crisp and delicate pastry immersed in this beautiful wine sauce? Not talking about how elegant it is and the nicest impact for your guests if you are preparing it for company. In our case, for this recipe, my husband was the cook. Puff pastry recipes… Continue reading Cajun sea food vol-au-vents

A “wow” entrée ready in less than 20 min! veal chops in reduced balsamic

Veal chops in reduced balsamic It is so nice when you're running out of time to cook dinner and find something in your freezer that turns out to be a great inspiration. All of a sudden your normal and plain meal becomes a fancy dinner. Better yet, you have it ready in less than 20… Continue reading A “wow” entrée ready in less than 20 min! veal chops in reduced balsamic