My ever glorious morning glory muffin

I found this recipe in an old issue of Canadian House & Garden magazine and since the first batch I baked, I could not stop thinking of these muffins every time I sip my coffee in a lazy and sunny Sunday morning. Or in any other day, actually. Perfection. The story behind is that this… Continue reading My ever glorious morning glory muffin


“Get better” chicken soup with home made broth and Klosse dumplings

  I guess everybody has a favorite "get better" soup for those sick days when we feel like collapsing in the couch and ever moving again. I always think of my best friend's remedy for those days: a hot bath, fresh clean white sheets in your bed and chicken soup. Ideally somebody does it all… Continue reading “Get better” chicken soup with home made broth and Klosse dumplings

Spring in the air with Whole grain Morning glory muffins

Days are getting longer here in this side of the hemisphere and the hint of spring is everywhere. The feel good post hibernation is back and so I decided to celebrate it with serious Morning glory muffins. Believe me you'll feel more alive after eating them! they're loaded with so much: bananas, apples, cranberries, coconut,… Continue reading Spring in the air with Whole grain Morning glory muffins

Brown rice with bacon and green onions

It has been a while already that there is no more white rice for my family, which is a shame since as Brazilian, I am crazy for a fluffy, simple white rice. There are some exceptions but brown rice is the norm at our home now, with our diabetes friendly diet. It gets boring though...… Continue reading Brown rice with bacon and green onions

My 2012 in pictures – Food I could eat every day

2012 was a special year for me, when I started venturing in the blog world with my food. Feeding those I love and sharing it! Learning and exploring, creating in daring new ways, making new friends and eating the food! For me the one who cooks in the house works a chemistry that has the… Continue reading My 2012 in pictures – Food I could eat every day

Unforgettable raisins and jam muffins

It can't be helped. Christmas nostalgia is hitting me. But before I start crying for help or digging into a chocolate box or turning the DVD on Love actually, I headed to my mom's cookbook (which is falling to pieces) and decided to bake some of her famous muffins and post it right away to… Continue reading Unforgettable raisins and jam muffins

Sweet potato muffins with crunchy topping

I love baking muffins and trying different recipes, meaning also, finding healthy and tasty ones. I like to look around in my kitchen and find an ingredient that would fit the bill. Yesterday was sweet potatoes, I found 2 on my counter top and after 10 min "pinteresting" I found several recipes for sweet potato… Continue reading Sweet potato muffins with crunchy topping