Carrot cake with chocolate icing

  This is really the easiest cake ever! ¬†Carrots are blended with eggs and oil, fully incorporated, which turns the batter into the beautiful orange color. Don't worry about the amount of baking powder! Without whipped egg whites to do the lift of the batter and with the weight of the carrots, there is no… Continue reading Carrot cake with chocolate icing


Silky and healthy sweet potato soup – ready in less than 30 min

My obsession for sweet potato is still on. Since we started our 100% " eating healthy and diabetes friendly " life style, the only potatoes were having are sweet potatoes. Besides the gorgeous color and amazing taste, its nutritional benefits goes without saying. And nothing beats the comforting texture of a sweet potato soup in… Continue reading Silky and healthy sweet potato soup – ready in less than 30 min

Avocado healthy dessert

I've been obsessed with avocado lately, I have to admit. But I promise I will stop talking about it after this dessert. At least for a while lol. Healthy and light and extremely filling, 1/2 cup makes it just right and it is ready in 5 minutes. If you are looking for healthy desserts this… Continue reading Avocado healthy dessert

Fall tomato soup my grandma style or how to try a different and fresh version of a tomato soup

The story behind this recipe is that my grandmother, who was a great cook, decided to add hard boiled eggs and cooked rice to the tomato soup to make it more nutritious and filling. And that was the tomato soup that we used to have at home. I followed the tradition and have been cooking… Continue reading Fall tomato soup my grandma style or how to try a different and fresh version of a tomato soup

3 favorite, crunchy, healthy salads

Probably I could turn into a vegetarian. Never thought seriously about it and haven't found any life related reason to do so, yet, anyway. I really don't dwell on this topic but I do know I love my veggies and salads. Probably it is genetic, my dad, being Japanese taught us to love salads and… Continue reading 3 favorite, crunchy, healthy salads

Yummy coconut popsicles

Coconut reminds me of summer, always. I remember a "gelateria" in Ubatuba, Brazil, that had some amazing coconut popsicles. Going there in the evening was the highlight of our summer holidays at the beach. They had this white coconut popscicle, with lots of coconut that was my family's favorite. In my wildest dream I would… Continue reading Yummy coconut popsicles


P A S T E L Pastel is our family favorite junk food. Actually not so junkie since I make at home, from scratch. I guess it can be considered as a Latin version of the Japanese "gyosa", it is very popular in Brazil, specially in Sao Paulo's street markets. You can use any filling,… Continue reading Pastel