Watermelon and goat cheese bites – healthy appetizer


Nothing beats watermelon in the summer. Cold, crunchy and sweet, watermelon can trick us on eating more than the our normal share of sugars and fibre. We tend to think that because it is a fruit, so healthy and fresh, we’re good. In fact this wonderful and pretty fruit comes packed with sugar and as I mentioned before, having a diabetic in the family, we have to watch our consumption of these sweet treats. This is why I make these watermelon appetizers instead of serving a big bowl of watermelon slices. It is always a big hit and light enough to not spoil your dinner appetite, perfect to start your BBQ meal.
Simple and easy, you don’t even have to make any fancy presentation (as I did for the picture posting) just quickly spread the goat cheese mix on top of it and you’re ready.

Goat cheese spread

3 oz goat cheese
2 to 3 tbs of light sour cream (light mayonnaise works too)
salt and pepper and any herb you like to season

Mix everything together and spread over pieces of watermelon.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.



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