Sweet spinach smoothie


It might take you some time to get used to the appearance of a large glass of this green fluid standing in front of you before venturing in your first sip. Probably the motivation would be the constant “it’s good for you” factor that permeates our lives these days, as a statement that you’re in synch with the latest trend. It doesn’t matter the reasons, just be brave and go for it. Surprise! It does taste good and it is a meal by itself, super filling!
I had mine while I was reading the fascinating The birth house, from Canadian Amy McKay , in a rare quiet evening by myself at home and didn’t even notice I was having dinner. To balance the green overdose I had some berries for dessert and I was fed and happy.

This is my version of another smoothie’s recipe from Harley Pasternack’s book, The body reset. I added one small white guava, which was not part of the original recipe, as you can see it in the picture. Guavas (goiabas) are not so popular in North America, but very abundant in tropical countries. Seeds and flesh and lots of sugar make up for one of the most popular deserts in Brazil, called Romeo & Juliet, which is a combination of soft white cheese with the “goiabada” (made with red guavas) that actually can be a good idea for a future post.


Sweet spinach smoothie

2 cups raw spinach
1 peach
15 grapes
6 oz Greek yogurt 0%
2 tbs avocado
1 tbs brown sugar or any sweetener of your choice
1/2 cup ice or cold water
* 1 small guava (totally optional, I couldn’t resist to add it, but it does add a tart zest)

Blend it and voilà!
Tip: start adding the liquid ingredients first to get it all blended faster.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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2 thoughts on “Sweet spinach smoothie”

  1. I have enjoyed the occasional green smoothie and the trick to the first sip is to close your eyes. After that, the taste will carry you to the bottom of the glass. This recipe sounds delicious though I might have to hunt for the guavas.

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