Crunchy veggie mousse salad


If I start talking about how much I love this recipe I will be here forever. Maybe is because I normally make it just once a year, or maybe is the perfect combination of these fresh veggies and fruit that turns this side dish into a dinner star.
The story is that I would always make it for Christmas dinner, of course, the perfect salad type of side dish for the tropical holidays in Brazil. What happens now is that I make it sometime in December – January, which is not really important. lol
Anyway this is a dish to impress your guests that can be made (and it should) one day ahead the day you will be serving it and it doesn’t last more than 2 days in the fridge, so 4 days in total.
The gelatin brings the beautiful shape and consistency and the mayo and cream mixture enhance the crunchiness of cucumbers, carrots and celery. A touch of perfection? A few raisins, almonds and white pepper. So worth the time!

Crunchy veggie mousse salad

4 to 6 portions

1 3/4 cup finely diced celery
1 green apple peeled and finely diced
1 3/4 cup finely diced carrots (use the processor in pulse to avoid to get the carrot grated)
1 3/4 cup cucumber finely diced
1/2 cup shaved almonds
1/3 cup golden raisins
1/2 medium onion finely diced

1/2 cup thick cream (Carnation) or sour cream for a lighter version
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup hot water
2 tsp gelatine
1 envelope of green jello

1/2 tsp white pepper
2 TBS olive oil
2 TBS wine vinegar
1 TBS Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp salt

Get a loaf pan wet and ready.
Chop and dice all veggies in a big bowl. Mix in almonds and raisins.

In a different bowl dissolve the gelatin in 1 tbs of cold water, by sprinkling it on top of the water and then add the 1/2 cup of hot water to it. Mix in the green jello envelope and stir well.

Combine the mayonnaise, cream and spices in the veggies bowl and add the gelatin mix whisking it well.
Pour the mixture (that will be liquid) in the loaf pan and put it in the fridge for one day.


When ready to be served removed it from the pan by dipping the pan for a few seconds into a bowl with hot water. Mine didn’t turn out so well, my pan was quite heavy and I should have waited in the hot water a bit longer.


Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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