Pineapple and kiwi juice – immune system booster


Winter coming ahead of us and with that, flu season in its way too. We all have been there… You’ve done your homework, got your flu shot (free for us, lucky Canadians), bought your Vitamin D, but it doesn’t hurt to get some help from a yummy boost of vitamin C, just in case, with this super tasty juice. Add the amazing Maca and on top of boosting your immune system you’re working on a belly fat reducer as well! A whole healthy package to get you ready for winter! Learn more about Maca here.

4 portions (1 cup each)

1 cup pineapple diced
1 kiwi peeled and diced
1 1/2 cup orange juice or water
3 tbs sugar, honey or sugar substitute
2 tsp Maca

Blend all the fruits, sugar and Maca together. Serve over ice.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Other healthy juices

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