Avocado and Maca (belly fat reducer!) shake for breakfast


Nothing like a quiet breakfast in a fall morning! It is when – although you enjoy eating your morning meal with your family – you take some time alone and enjoy it without any rush!
We all like that but it does feel better if we do it in a healthy way, which is not always easy. We are so conditioned to thinking about a comfort breakfast as a combination of mainly coffee and carbs, that sometimes is hard to think outside the box.
That’s why I am sharing my breakfast today, which happened to be quiet and lonely in a nice way. Most importantly very easy and filling and carb free.

I’ve been taking this avocado shake for years, it is very popular in Brazil, we have tons of avocado all year around and it is a cheap and nutritious fruit that is available everywhere.

Today was my first time using organic “Maca”, this powerful root from the Andes that is known to reduce cortisol and therefore belly fat, amongst other benefits.
It is native to the high Andes of Peru and Bolivia and also cultivated in some parts of Brazil.
I’ve been hearing about it so much lately that I had to go to Wikipedia to learn that “for approximately 2,000 years, maca has been an important traditional food and medicinal plant in its limited growing region, where it is well-known and celebrated. It is regarded as a highly nutritious, energy-imbuing food, and as a medicine that enhances strength, endurance and also acts as an aphrodisiac. During Spanish colonization maca was used as currency.”

I found organic Maca at Bulk Barn but any Health food store will have it. It is not cheap but the fine powder goes a long way if you are just taking 1 tsp a day. It is said to be bitter but I didn’t taste it, 1 tsp is not much.
It was all I used in my shake this morning, pretty good for not having any cravings or hunger after that!

Find more information about Maca here.

Avocado and Maca shake for breakfast

1 cup 1% milk
1 tbs honey or sugar substitute
1/2 avocado
1 tsp Maca

Blend it well and it is ready. I actually used 2 tbs of honey but I have a sweet tooth, so I figured 1 tbs would be enough in the recipe.
It is really tasty, comforting and filling. Hope you like it.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

Other sweet recipes with avocado, I know I am obsessed with it :):

Ice cream avocado dessert

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7 thoughts on “Avocado and Maca (belly fat reducer!) shake for breakfast”

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