Ice cream & papaya dessert


This is our favorite dessert for the summer, of for a fast light dessert, simple, easy, fast preparation, a big hit!

Combine vanilla ice cream, or frozen yogurt, with papaya, blend it, add a splash of Cassis liqueur and you will have the tastier and more exotic dessert ever!

Ice cream and papaya dessert

1 cup of papaya, cut in cubes
2 cups of ice cream
2 tbs of Cassis Liqueur

Blend the papaya first and then add the ice cream and blend it until it becomes a smooth cream, pour the Cassis and serve immediately. Add more 1/2 cup more of ice cream if you like it more consistent. It is such an awesome dessert, very light, ideal for after a filling meal!

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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5 thoughts on “Ice cream & papaya dessert”

  1. Favorite dessert right now! Great for the summer! How do you usually pick the papayas at the store?

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